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Our Catholic faith teaches us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” There is no better way to experience love and compassion than by helping those in need, a call we answer every day.


None of us is as good as all of us. Members of the Knights of Columbus all know that – together – we can accomplish far more than any of us could individually.


Venerable Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus, in large part, to provide assistance to the widows and children left behind when the family breadwinner died – often prematurely.


Members of the Knights of Columbus, be they Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Cubans, Filipinos, Poles, or Dominicans, are patriotic citizens.

Our Upcoming Events...

  • Event: Christmas Party
  • Date: Dec 17,2019
  • Place: Cafe Amici
Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. The name 'Christmas' comes from the Mass of Christ Jesus. A Mass service is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.


  • Event: Retro Night
  • Date: Jan 25, 2020
  • Place: St.Cecilia Church
Retro style is a style that is imitative or consciously derivative of lifestyles, trends, or art forms from the historical past, including in music, modes, fashions, or attitudes. It may also be known as "vintage inspired".


  • Event: March For Life
  • Date: Jan 22, 2020
  • Place: Rally in Trenton
The March for Life is an annual rally peacefully protesting both the practice and legality of abortion, held in Washington, D.C. on or around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision issued in 1973 by the United States Supreme Court decriminalizing abortion.